Go Forth and Contract

October 1, 2008

Due to some technical difficulties I was unable to post my blog last week… (drum roll please)…. so here it is.

When I left class on Monday I felt confidence in my abilty to contract.  Originally, when I read Block’s  chapters on contracting, I was a bit overwhelmed with all of the guidelines and advice that was given. When Dr. Carter discussed contracting with the class and gave us a sample, the stress on contracting subsided. 

I felt very overwhelmed with the idea that contracting was a huge influencial stage of the consulting project.  Many of the errors that could occur with the project usually occured due to poor contracting or an error in contracting.  To ease my stress of contracting I have made a little “cheat sheet” of what I am suppose to do and NOT do when contracting and have practiced with my spouse.  Now, you are probably thinking, why is she taking so many steps in order to complete the contract?  Well, I know that my client is thinking that I am going to be a “pair of hands” so I will need to clarify my role within the project.

 I will be speaking with my client this week.  I will keep you posted! 

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